PearZoo Clothing

Specialist Clothing Manufacturers

We are an exclusive CMT for designers with a small boutique or retail presence. We do not mass produce.

To ensure that we are the right fit for your brand please take time to read the information below carefully.

Our aim is to build strong profitable relationships with like-minded people that share our ethos in design and business.

We are happy to work with first time designers who have a strong understanding of their markets, and design ethos as well as a technical understanding of production.

We are the ideal fit for designers already in the marketplace who are looking for a long-term partner to help them create beautiful, exclusive quality clothing.

How we work:

Small production runs
We only offer small production runs, which is between 5 and 8 units per design;
Small Collections
We do not work on collections of more than 10 designs per collection;
Quality Craftsmanship
The craftsmanship and time involved in small runs make them expensive. Our goal is to serve designers who understand this and are looking for exclusivity and quality: thus understanding that you pay more to get it;
Specialised Pattern Cutting and Design
Please note that we are not dressmakers. We’re a design studio and workshop. We have over 20 years’ experience in pattern cutting and thus can assist you with bringing your designs to life. This is a very specialised service and ranges from R850 to R3500 per pattern, depending on the complexity of your design;
We also offer grading services which start at R250 per size and range to R850 per size depending on the complexity of your pattern;
If we go into production with you, each garment will have a mock-up and sample made by our team regardless of whether you have an existing sample. These samples are made-up in the final fabric selection so please be sure that you have accounted for sampling when purchasing your fabrics;
Fabric and Trim Advice
As a CMT we require our designers to play an active role in the selection of their own fabrics and all trims required for their designs. We are happy to offer our advice to help you select the correct fabric to best suit your designs, but ultimately, we expect you to have the knowledge and understanding to source your own fabrics for your own brand – after all, these are your creations and should follow your design sensibilities. Fabric and trim selection is an integral part of the design process.
Labels & Extras
Labels are a must. No production shall commence without all fabric, trims, hanger tags, brand labels, size labels, swing tickets etc. being specified and where applicable supplied.

What we don’t do:

We do not copy other designers’ designs. We are not plagiarists and do not condone plagiarism or copy-cats. We are designers and will assist you in creating new and fresh designs from your mood or inspirational photos, sketches and ideas.
Cheap Labour
We do not pay our staff minimum wage so do not expect cheap labour from us.
Laundry Service
We do not wash the clothing after production so the onus is on you as the designer to ensure that the garments are clean and spotless before being delivered to a client.
We do not see new clients without appointments or accept walk-ins. Always make an appointment.